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Even in ancient occasions people are unaware with the existence of living organisms invisible for the eye, causing illness. Therefore, the ancient Greek scientist and doctor Hippocrates expressed this assumption in a single of his functions. But come to grips with their study of mankind has been able only just after the Dutch optician van Leeuwenhoek within the XVI century created the first microscope and saw firsthand the bacteria inside a drop of water. Then again, numerous inside the class scientist denied the existence of pathogens within a handful of centuries right after the invention of Leeuwenhoek.


in order to set the margins for APA papers you must first go to the page layout button then click on margins from the drop down menu choose normal which will give you a one inch margin all the way around your paper to set up the font for APA papers we first need to go to the Home tab on the ribbon now go to the font and click on the little button in the lower right hand corner and here we’re going to type Times New Roman select it make sure that it’s regular and 12-point we’re then going to click on default and select yes to set the header up on our title page which is called a running head we need to go up to the insert tab on the ribbon once there click header and from the drop down box select the first option then return to the ribbon and select different first page we’re now going to enter the text running head with a colon and then place a shortened title of our paper in all capitals now click the tab button return to the header and select page number and current position and select the first option to get back to your paper double click anywhere to set up the title for the APA paper hit enter five times then go up to the paragraph area of the ribbon select Center and now enter the full title of your paper in standard capitalization now to set the spacing and double-spaced the paper we need to go to the spacing tool and choose 2.0 which will give us double spacing then return and choose remove space after the paragraph once done our paper is properly double-spaced hit enter place your name on the next line hit enter again and then place post University and the title page is set


all right this video is going to show how to do MLA format for your works cited page I know it’s something that a lot of my peers struggle with and I struggle with too sometimes because I could never remember you know if that title goes first author goes wherever the publisher date so I’m going to show how to set up the page for that and then I’m going to show how to format specific sources for probably the three most commonly used ones so after you’ve got a lot of your essay here you probably put in something from a source you know some information you need to cite it and you need to put it on the works cited page so to create your works cited page you go to the last page of your document go to the end of the last paragraph and hit control enter and that’s going to just bring up a new page there what you want to do with that first line of text is hit this Center icon here you need to Center it and write works cited then hit enter and left align the text after that so now we’re down to where we’re going to enter in our sources to do this properly we need to go up here to this tool for adjusting the tabs in the indent if you go to the top one it’ll say first line indent you don’t want that one you want to go to the kind of the middle button there said hanging indent just drag that over half an inch and what that’s going to do is set up your sources in proper format so now I guess I’ll go over some of the most common ones I guess most of us are probably going to be writing our essays at 3 a.m. you know the day it’s due so I’m assuming the most common source is going to be a web page or an article from a database a lot of us aren’t going to be running out to the library 3 a.m. so webpage what you want to do is enter the author if you know who the author is and it would go last name first name is going to be the format for pretty much any source and then in quotations you put the title of the webpage this is for one specific page on a website so let’s say this one is now I’ll just do this make it simple and then you close the quotations and then in italics you can hit ctrl I to get the italics or you can come up here just click it you type the title of the website so that’s for the whole website you hit period space and you don’t want to be italic anymore and here you’re going to put the publisher date or the company sorry the publisher name or the company that’s affiliated with the website that’s publishing it online and then you want to do a comma instead of a period this time I do the date usually just a year something like that or if there’s no date you can do nd same for no publisher say there is no publisher I can do and P that’s no publisher next you need to type the form which would be web we’re accessing it online it’s going to be web and then you type the date that you accessed it so I’m making this on February 8 think so it’s like that see what it did do is if they did it hanging ending so that there’s for a web page you can see it went back out to a left aligned first line of the next paragraph that paragraph is going to be next source so now we’re going to do an article from a database very similar most of these are very similar honestly if you get it close most professors are not gonna care but some do oh it’s just better to be a safe and sorry the same for this you’re going to go last name of the author first now for both of these um for any source if you don’t know the name you just don’t put it you go straight to the title or straight to you know the website so here you do the title of the article followed by a period you close the quotations in italics you do the name of the journal or periodical and then get rid of your italics again control I or just click I and then you type the version number let’s say you know or version or issue which so could be issue 10 version 1 whatever you can do ten point one in that case then in quotations due date usually that’s just the year and then do it : let me say what pages you used so let’s say you page one say three through six you do it like that then you want to do again in italics or control I the name of the database for a lot of us that’s going to be obscure or you know usually let’s go get rid of your italics again and we access it online so we’ll do web and then you want to do again the date accessed which in this case I’ll just say it again 8 February 2013 this third one here is for a book it’s usually not one we’re going to use where this generation we’re researching everything online for better for worse but a lot of professors are going to require that at least one or two your sources come from books from printed material so same format you’re going to go last name and then first name and then instead of quotations this time we’re going to italicize it I put the title of the book followed by a period get rid of the italics but the city where it was published and then a colon the name of the publisher the company that published it and then a comma year it was published just the Year thought you need then since this is a printed document we write print and that’s it if it wasn’t a book this is going to be kind of a newer thing I’m assuming at this point where it says print you would just type a book like that and then in the actual document you’ll reference the pages that you used so that should be it is enough I guess top three most common sources that are going to be used thanks for watching


MÁs informaciÓn FrenÉtica jornada de compras El placer de las rebajas CÓrdoba, en rebajas Como si la cuesta de enero sÓlo fuera un espejismo de otros aÑos y como si los gastos del cotillÓn de Nochevieja o los regalos de Reyes no hubieran existido. El primer dÍa de las rebajas de enero abarrotÓ los grandes almacenes, los centros comerciales y las franquicias desde primera hora de la maÑana y congregÓ a decenas de personas ante las cajas registradoras dispuestas a fundirse los ingresos del primer mes del aÑo.

Una hora habÍa que esperar en establecimientos de moda como Stradivarius, Bershka o Blanco para llegar a la caja, y en otros espacios como Dayaday -de complementos femeninos- una veintena de personas aguardaba su apertura ante la puerta pasado el mediodÍa. El Corte InglÉs y las franquicias del grupo Inditex abrieron a las 10.00, mientras que otros comercios esperaron al mediodÍa para ofrecer sus saldos.

La jornada de rebajas, sin embargo, se viviÓ a medias en la ciudad, pues el comercio tradicional decidiÓ esperar a hoy para comenzar la temporada de descuentos. Los comercios de Ciudad JardÍn, Santa Rosa o La ViÑuela, por tanto, fueron ajenos al ajetreo de trÁfico, viandantes y compradores de las grandes tiendas del centro y se mantuvieron cerrados como en cualquier otro dÍa festivo. TambiÉn en el centro, calles propias del sector minorista como MorerÍa, Historiador DÍaz del Moral o Teniente Braulio Laportilla se mantuvieron todo el dÍa prÁcticamente desiertas.

El comercio minorista ya ha mostrado su malestar en mÚltiples ocasiones debido a que las franquicias parten con ventaja en jornadas como la de ayer, pues los turnos de trabajo rotatorios -lo que permite el descanso de los empleados y abrir sin interrupciones- y los grandes descuentos que pueden lanzar les hacen casi imposible la competencia. A esto hay que sumar que algunos establecimientos -pertenecientes, sobre todo, a grandes cadenas de confecciÓn- se adelantan a las fechas previstas mejores macetas para cactus el inicio de las rebajas y comienzan a ofrecer descuentos camuflados en plena temporada navideÑa. Aunque esta prÁctica no estÁ permitida, quienes la llevan a cabo se escudan en el derecho que tienen a ofrecer descuentos en algunos periodos del aÑo. En ninguno de los rÓtulos utilizados llaman la atenciÓn con el tÉrmino rebajas, pues de esta manera evitan posibles sanciones.

Pero, ajenos a estas disquisiciones, los cordobeses se echaron a la calle para agotar el Último dÍa de las vacaciones navideÑas tirando de tarjeta de crÉdito. Los centros comerciales tambiÉn se llenaron de vecinos de localidades prÓximas a CÓrdoba, que en muchos casos peregrinaron en tropel a la capital en busca de gangas. SegÚn los datos de un estudio de la ConfederaciÓn Empresarial de Comercio de AndalucÍa (CECA), cada cordobÉs se gastarÁ una media de 105 euros en las rebajas, una cifra muy similar a la de aÑos anteriores -cuando las compras han rondado tambiÉn el centenar de euros.

La mayorÍa del gasto irÁ destinado al sector textil y al calzado. Los grandes almacenes y las firmas de ropa, de hecho, concentran en estas semanas gran parte del volumen total del aÑo, por lo que hacen el agosto en pleno invierno. Es Ésta una Época, por tanto, en la que las asociaciones de consumidores llaman a la moderaciÓn y la compra responsable con una retahÍla de consejos que, no por repetitivos, hay que tener en cuenta antes de llegar a la caja. Comprobar que en la etiqueta figura el precio actual del producto y el anterior a las rebajas o constatar que los artÍculos no son defectuosos o de temporadas anteriores son recomendaciones que hay que tener en cuenta.



Estos pastelitos de tofu con salsa de chile dulce son perfectos para una cena de tapas saludables. Estos bocaditos están repletos de sabor y alegría, se funden perfectamente con una salsa que puede convertirse en un ingrediente imprescindible de cualquier barbacoa casera. El tofu es una fuente de proteínas ideal para vegetarianos y aquellas personas que decidan prescindir de la carne durante algunas comidas. Si mezclamos esta base saludable con una salsa un tanto picante, vamos a conseguir una mezcla ganadora de buenas propiedades y de sabor. Toma nota de cómo se hacen unos pastelitos de tofu con salsa de chile dulce impresionantes.


* 300 gr de tofu fresco

* 150 gr de arroz basmati cocido

* 3 cucharadas de pasta de curry

* 2 cebolletas

* 1 cucharada de cilantro fresco

* 1 huevo batido

* 60 ml de vinagre de vino blanco

* 110 gr de azúcar

* ½ cucharada de sal

* 180 ml de agua

* ½ cebolla morada

* ½ zanahoria

* ½ pepino

* 2 cucharadas de cilantro fresco

* 80 ml de salsa de chile dulceCómo preparar unos pastelillos de tofu con salsa de chile dulce

* Para preparar unos sencillos pasteliltos de tofu que quedarán exquisitos y son muy saludables solo tenemos que hacernos con los ingredientes adecuados. El tofu lo podemos cocinar en casa o comprarlo directamente hecho y el arroz basmati, exactamente igual, lo podemos encontrar ya preparado para la acción o dedicarle un poco más de tiempo.

* Con esta base lista, nos ponemos manos a la obra. Vamos a escurrir todo el líquido que pueda tener el tofu. Le ponemos un poco de peso encima y lo dejamos para que elimine toda la cantidad de agua que posee.

* Eliminamos el líquido y troceamos el tofu, mejores barbacoas calidad precio vamos a colocarlo directamente en el vaso de la batidora. Hacemos una pasta con el tofu que vamos a complementar con algunos ingredientes más.

* Añadimos al tofu el arroz basmati. Mezclamos bien y le añadimos un par de cebolletas bien picaditas y una cucharada de cilantro fresco. Le daremos el toque especial con el curry y el huevo para darle consistencia.

* Hacemos los pastelitos y los colocamos en una fuente para horno forrada con papel vegetal para que no se peguen. Horneamos a 200º unos 10 minutos.

* Preparamos la salsa. En un cazo ponemos el vinagre y el azúcar. Le incorporamos el agua y la sal. Cocinamos unos 2 minutos, cuando comprobamos que el azúcar esta disuelto, ponemos las verduras picadas muy finitas o ralladas para que se mezclen mejor. Con la salsa de chile tendremos todo listo.

* Servimos y disfrutamos de un plato vegetariano repleto de sabor y con una intensidad que hará las delicias de toda la familia.


Named Watch Post (the Portuguese acronym is PV), the village has been swallowed by the heavy equipment of hundreds of illegal gold miners (called garimpeiros). What was once a few huts hidden in the teclado tfue amazon forest now resembles a bombed battlefield.

Allen’s relationship with the city goes back to 2004 when he premiered Melinda & Melinda at the city’s film festival. Allen was back in 2008 for the screening of Vicky Cristina Barcelona, which then became an inspiration for local and regional powers keen to promote the city and region.

Dixon was unhappy with the decision, having led for 111 of the total 200 laps. Pigot needed medical attention on the track, and his crash left debris all over the track at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. «Definitely a hard one to swallow for sure,» the New Zealander said. «First time I’ve seen them let it run out like that. I thought they’d throw a red [flag].»

My concern is about something else too, though: how the film is being used as a narrative weapon to promote San Sebastián’s enviable landscape, vibrant atmosphere and outstanding gastronomy, all of which will lure other big international events – film, jazz, food etc – which in turn keep fuelling the tourism juggernaut.

At the funeral of the leading suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst in 1928, the jockey who had ridden Anmer that day, Herbert Jones, laid a wreath «to do honour to the memory of Mrs Pankhurst and Miss Emily Davison». Jones had suffered a mild concussion in the 1913 collision, but afterwards claimed he was «haunted by that poor woman’s face».

As an emblem of women’s emancipation Emily Wilding Davison has always been controversial. The suffragette who was fatally injured at the Epsom racecourse during the Derby 100 years ago under the hooves of the king’s horse has been saluted by some as a brave martyr and attacked by others as an irresponsible anarchist. Now detailed analysis of film footage of the incident has shed new light on the contentious moments on 4 June 1913 that were to go down in the history of political protest.

Growing up, Saavedra began to see the problems facing his family. «Although undocumented children have been allowed to attend high school since 1987, you have few other rights,» he says. «You cannot drive, are not eligible for legal aid, you cannot travel.»

In January, this reporter was the only non-indigenous member of a warrior party sent to PV Village to reclaim it from the miners. The expedition navigated the entire 226km length of the Tropas River.

For the Munduruku, the Tropas is now a dead river, muddy and toxic with mercury. Around PV Village, the waters are lined by strips of barren land, fallen trees, huge holes dug by excavators, scattered huts and unpaved roads used by motorcycles, tractors and quadbikes.

«Game used to be very easy here – pig, deer, tapir. But it is all gone due to the machines and pollution. Now, only one stream still has fish, but they are all sick from mercury», said 70-year-old Chief Osvaldo, in a conversation inside his hut, which remains in the village. «This damage will remain forever.»

There is even an airstrip, where single-engined aeroplanes make around 10 flights a day to Creporizão town, 25 minutes away. The air bridge transports fuel, food, liquor, illegal drugs, mechanical parts, mercury, sex workers, merchants – and a lot of gold.

Despite the industrial scale, the whole process is illegal. According to Brazilian law, mining in indigenous lands is a federal crime. In practice, though, large swaths of the Amazon, including federal protected areas, have increasingly become stateless zones dominated by gold, land-grabbers and criminal timber rings.

The direct impact of mining on Brazil’s out-of-control deforestation is small in comparison to clearing for pasture, but it is not negligible and is increasing. Between 2016 and 2017, the number of illegal mines discovered in the forest by the official radar monitoring system rose from 382 to 949.

The Tapajós basin, one of Brazil’s largest gold reserves, is now a hotspot for deforestation. Federal police and environmental agents are outnumbered and hampered by budget restraints.

Whole cities’ economies now depend on illegal, environmentally-damaging activities, capturing local politics and gaining social acceptance. Itaituba, a city of 98,000 people, elected a former gold miner as mayor. It even has a «gold street», where the metal is sold openly despite its illegal origin.

The result is a breakdown between federal and local enforcement. When illegal garimpeiros burned two government environmental offices to the ground in Humaitá, state governor Amazonino Mendes sided with the miners.

In indigenous lands, the void left by the state is even more dramatic. In the 23,820 square kilometre Munduruku indigenous territory, which is the size of Belize, Brazil’s federal indigenous bureau Funai maintains only one employee.

With no allies, the Munduruku have decided to take matters into their own hands. On 17 January this year, they published a manifesto that said PV Village «no longer exists» and announced a warrior expedition to «arrest and expel all pariwat from our land» and «destroy all mining machinery». This followed a decision taken during the people’s general assembly, last year.

A few days later, a six-boat party of bow-and-arrow armed warriors, leaders such as the Munduruku chief Arnaldo Kaba and several children left for PV Village. Authorised by the leadership, Climate Home News joined the group. Funai’s representative refused to go, citing a lack of security.

As the boats moved upstream, the water changed from light brown to the colour of thick mud. The expedition passed many Munduruku villages. Locals reported they had stopped fishing and drinking from the river about four years ago.

At the tributary of the Caburuá, clear dark water feeds into the brown Tropas, a shocking contrast. Biyom Saw, a 29-year-old Munduruku female warrior who travelled with her baby son, blamed the pariwat for the contaminated water. «We can’t fish, and the children are hungry. If we bathe in the river, rashes appear.»

The final hours of the journey to PV Village run along a river that is thick, lifeless and brown. All around, the forest is cleared to give the garimpeiros access to the soil and gold beneath. Some of the craters are several meters deep, and the old ones fill with muddy, poisoned water.

Along the river, garimpeiros work with excavators, stand outside huts or drive around. «It looks like a city,» said Ana Poxo, one of the expedition leaders, whose village is a two-day boat trip away.

At PV Village, about 60 gold miners live alongside 15 remaining Munduruku families. They have turned the one-room public school into a dormitory. Many more live in shanties scattered through the forest. Chief Osvaldo said that after a few previous attempts to enter the Munduruku indigenous territory, the garimpeiros struck deals with some local leaders. Soon, dozens of pariwat arrived and took control of the territory.

Now, in this once remote corner of the Amazon, there are food stores, a brothel and liquor joints. One of them, Osvaldo explained, is run by his eldest son, who also allows the miners to explore for gold.

Osvaldo expressed disapproval of his son’s choices. «My son forced his 8-year-son to drink. The child got drunk. He should apologise to everybody for this,» he said.

With the arrival of the expedition party, the Munduruku warriors tried to reestablish authority over the village. Some 40 of them went to the small businesses, inspected them in search of drugs and alcohol and ordered them to close. At a meeting in the village centre, the Munduruku’s chief Kaba demanded the miners leave.

«The Tropas river is dead», he told dozens of garimpeiros. «I didn’t see even a butterfly crossing it.» The garimpeiros took his people’s gold and contaminated their water with mercury, he says. «You have to go. It’s not me who is expelling you, it’s our people. I don’t order anything, it’s the people.»

The task, however, is complex. Exploiting divisions among the Munduruku, the garimpeiros claimed they were there with the permission of local leaders. With their traditional food resources depleted, PV Village now depends on aeroplanes to bring food. During the meeting, garimpeiros tried to use this leverage to make compromises, promising all sorts of gifts, from fish tanks to gold.

«Sometimes we go to Creporizão [a nearby town] and spend 15, 20 grams of gold on rum and prostitution. I say this based on my own experience. And we don’t have the guts to give Chief Osvaldo 5 grams, 10 grams?» said Barbudo – ‘Beardy’ – a garimpeiro, to the meeting.

Several Munduruku work in the mine as cheap labor. A few have even become bosses and sided with the pariwat. One of them, Waldelirio Manhuary, now lives in a brick house in the city. He is one of the few to defend the non-indigenous presence, saying the pollution was an acceptable side-effect of the mining business.

«The federal government wants us to remain in the jungle, only hunting and fishing. It doesn’t want us to bring machines and to do the way they do it, like growing soybeans. We are poor and rich, because we are siting on a very big wealth,» he said.

Requests for comment from Funai about the Munduruku remain unanswered. So far, no government agency has tried to shut down the PV gold mining operation or tested the water in the Tropas River.

According to information gathered by the Munduruku leadership, mining resumed right after the warriors’ two-day visit. Arnaldo Kaba said that, if they don’t go, there will be a new expedition, now only with warriors. «Then all the other villages will come,» said the leader of the 14,000-strong ethnic group. «This is the warning we left.»


A few years ago, Tim Owens was selling office supplies in his home town of Akron, Ohio. At night he would pull on black leather and take to the stage as the singer in a Judas Priest tribute band. Then, unbeknown to him, a bootleg of his performance found its way to the real Judas Priest. The band liked Owens’s impersonation so much that they flew him to England, rechristened him «Ripper» and gave him the job. And so it came to pass that the fan became the frontman, and the zero turned hero. «It’s every kid’s dream in a way,» says Priest guitarist and principal songwriter Glenn Tipton. «That idea that you can come out of nowhere and suddenly be the singer for your favourite band. It gives hope to everyone, doesn’t it?»

Trump has since tried to walk back his criticism of the Fed, telling reporters at the White House on Tuesday that while the Fed was «raising interest rates too fast» he still had confidence in the central bank. «I mean, the fact is that the economy is doing so well that they raised interest rates and that is a form of safety in a way,» he said.

Asia Pacific markets followed Wall Street’s lead on Thursday with the Nikkei up 3.9% in Tokyo to take it out of the bear market it entered with a 5% drop on Christmas Day. In Sydney, the benchmark ASX200 index closed up 1.9%.

On Monday the Dow was off 18.8% from its October high, while the S&P had fallen 19.8% from its record. The tech-heavy Nasdaq index is already in a bear market, down 23.6% from its August record. The soaring share prices of technology companies – especially the so-called Faang companies, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google – helped push stock markets to new highs. There recent losses have been a major factor in dragging the markets down.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Eduardo Chillida and Pilar Belzunce with the sculpture Lurra G98(Earth G98). Photograph: Hans SpinnerIn acquiring this land, Chillida found a home not just for his sculptures but for himself. It remains his home in more ways than one: both he and Pilar are buried on the grounds. As the title of the exhibition suggests, his message of timelessness echoes across the terrain.

Opioids manufacturer Purdue Pharma struck a proposed deal on Wednesday with about half the states and thousands of local governments over its role in the crisis. But immediate, loba negra mobi strong criticism by several state attorneys general clouded prospects for an end to litigation against the company and the family that owns it.

An eight-metre monolithic sculpture of reddish steel stands before me in the middle of a hilly field. Solid and grounded, the structure’s 22 tons contrast with the upward-reaching movement of its lines. As it soars towards the sky, the whole thing speaks of time and space in epic proportions.

Cristóbal Balenciaga Museum, GetariaA half-hour drive along the coast, and also served by bus, this museum is a must for fashion lovers. Founded in 2011 in Balenciaga’s hometown, it houses one of the world’s biggest collections of items related to the designer, including clothing, accessories and work documents.

One cannot contemplate Brasília’s crown-like cathedral, for example, without being thrilled both by its formal dynamism and its structural economy, which combine to engender a sense almost of weightlessness from within, as the enclosure appears to dissolve entirely into glass. And what architect can resist trying to work out how the tapering, bone-like concrete columns of the Alvorada Palace are able to touch the ground so lightly. Brasília is not simply designed, it is choreographed: each of its fluidly composed pieces seems to stand, like a dancer, on points frozen in a moment of absolute balance. But what I most enjoy in his work is that even the individual building is very much about the public promenade, the public dimension.

I meet Ripper at a hotel perched beside a main road in Staffordshire, bordered by what appears to be landfill. The hotel looks like a Hollywood set. The whole structure screams impermanence, as though it was built yesterday especially for this occasion and will be dismantled later in the afternoon by studio technicians. Ripper likes it. He says he can buy beer from the vending machine in the lobby.

Cibrián galleryThose with an eye for the art market might visit Cibrián, a new arrival on San Sebastián’s small-but-flourishing commercial gallery scene. Gallerist Gregorio Cibrián has previously promoted a general range of arts and antiques but decided to relaunch last November exclusively as a contemporary art dealer. Other commercial galleries in town include Arteko and Ekain.

Peter Cardillo, chief market economist at Spartan Capital Securities in New York, told Reuters that he expected markets to continue to rally as investors looked for bargains. But he warned there was probably more volatility ahead. «The ‘bear grip’ is feeding on itself as Trump continues to spread uneasiness,» said Cardillo.

His influence was felt around the world, and nowhere more than in his native Brazil, where his buildings represent the perfect marriage between architecture and the nature and culture of the country and its people. Oscar’s National Congress building has become a totem that represents democratic Brazil. In a strikingly different manner, his sinuous and graceful Edifício Copan, a great curving residential block in the centre of São Paulo, has inspired a generation of artists, writers and film-makers.


Whichever degree course you pick, you should pursue an education in an area that enables you to think of a fantastic background in the physical and biological sciences. What’s universal, nevertheless, is that a kind of education or training is necessary to serve as a preschool teacher, in spite of the setting. Ongoing education is normally needed for permit renewal.


Si tienes un código de descuento, sigue estos pasos para disfrutar de él en tu próximo viaje. Para vender los cereales Grape Nuts en 1909 se repartieron descuentos de 1 centavo como algo novedoso en EE.UU.

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‘The game has changed so much, even since I first broke in,’ said Gibbs. ‘Today’s players go on their own journeys, build their own brands. It’s more individual now and there is no way to stop that.

Belgium 5-1 Iceland: Chelsea outcast Michy Batshuayi scores… West Brom and Leeds intensify interest in loan deal for… Michy Batshuayi set to sign a Chelsea contract EXTENSION and… Chelsea hopeful of agreeing £20m deal for Rennes goalkeeper…

Schalke was due to host Bavarian side Schweinfurt, but the game was called off on Friday following a complaint from Türkgücü Munich.

Türkgücü contends it should be playing Schalke as it was the local regional league leader ahead of Schweinfurt when the division resumed after its pandemic-induced break. Bavarian soccer authorities had already promoted Türkgücü to the third division for the new season, making second-placed Schweinfurt the best Bavarian amateur side at the time of registration for the cup.

West Brom striker Kenneth Zohore will hold talks… It’s a survival of the fittest for the Premier League’s… West Brom set to complete free signing of former Chelsea… The Premier League is back… already! Here’s EVERY club’s…

The £18million capture of Diangana, excellent on loan at The Hawthorns last season, raised eyebrows at his former club West Ham, whose skipper Mark Noble voiced his displeasure about the 22-year-old winger being sold.

It will be Leverkusen´s first game without influential players Kai Havertz and Kevin Volland after their departures for Chelsea and Monaco, respectively, though Peter Bosz´s team has Patrik Schick, who played on loan for Leipzig last season.

Age and experience would make Gibbs a natural source of advice for Slaven Bilic’s inexperienced talents, such as Matheus Pereira, Romaine Sawyers and Grady Diangana, the last of whom was signed from West Ham last week.

Neymar reveals he is ‘super happy’ as the PSG star returns… Lens 1-0 PSG: French champions humbled without Neymar,… Fulham complete signing of PSG goalkeeper Alphonse Areola on… PSG have been decimated by coronavirus with Neymar and…

It is worth assessing how it has got to this point where the Belgium striker, who continues to flourish for his country as seen on Tuesday night when he scored twice in the 5-1 win over Iceland, has fallen so out of favour at Stamford Bridge.

In a 1-0 home defeat to Atletico Madrid in February 2016, James was whistled by Madrid fans and hooked by Zidane before the hour mark just minutes after the winning goal. blog post-match analysis honed in on his lack of intensity — Zidane never properly trusted him again.

It’s hard to believe that Kieran Gibbs is approaching his 31st birthday. Once touted as the next Ashley Cole, he was one of Arsene Wenger’s exciting prospects at Arsenal and won 10 England caps before joining West Brom in 2017.

His first season at The Hawthorns ended in relegation when Albion went through four managers — Tony Pulis, Gary Megson, Alan Pardew and Darren Moore — but yo-yo clubs always bounce back and The Baggies are in the Premier League again, starting against Leicester City on Sunday.

Neymar reveals he is ‘super happy’ as the PSG star returns… Lens 1-0 PSG: French champions humbled without Neymar,… Fulham complete signing of PSG goalkeeper Alphonse Areola on… PSG have been decimated by coronavirus with Neymar and…

West Brom have already signed five players — Matheus Pereira, Grady Diangana, Callum Robinson, Cedric Kipre and David Button — in the close-season since earning promotion back to the Premier League after a two-year absence.

Gibbs knows what it’s like to be the next big thing, having signed for Arsenal from Wimbledon’s academy in 2004 to become part of a hyped generation with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Jack Wilshere. ‘You can understand Mark’s frustration because anyone who watched Grady last season would have seen how influential he is. But it was fortunate for us because we were on the other side of the fence,’ said Gibbs.

‘I’m keen to give my best for Paris Saint-Germain and the supporters. We have extraordinary challenges ahead of us this season, and it will be a pleasure and an honour to face them alongside my new teammates, who are among the best players in the world.’

«We are doing everything to be creative but it’s not easy to be creative without the proper funds for the players we are talking about,» Bilic told a news conference ahead of Sunday’s season opener at home to Leicester City.

‘He kept asking me «When are you coming? We NEED you here»‘:… ‘We have this desire to reach Europe next year’: Carlo… Tottenham’s request to have 8,000 fans in stadium for… ‘Six years ago I had something good… I hope being here…

Sept 11 (Reuters) – Newly-promoted West Bromwich Albion have unfinished business in the transfer market as they aim to buy more players but are struggling to get further deals over the line due to a lack of funds, manager Slaven Bilic said on Friday.

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